Single Session Therapy

Get clarity and direction

A single, goal-oriented, complete therapy session that provides you with strategies to help improve a particular situation or goal.

What if you could lead a significantly better life after just one session?

A single session is a great option for when you need to touch base with a mental health professional but do not require traditional short- or long-term therapy. You come in for one session of therapy with no commitment to return. Some people find that one session of therapy is all that they are looking for. Single session therapy is about what would be most useful for you today and in that session.

Single session therapy is not a substitute for ongoing therapy or a quick fix for bigger issues.

Who can benefit from single session therapy?

A single session may be the right fit for you if:

  • You have a good understanding of what is troubling you, but you can't figure out what to do about it
  • You are facing a difficult problem and don't know how to resolve it
  • You are generally action-oriented and are looking for solutions you can implement now
  • You just want to bounce some ideas off a non-biased third party or share about a difficult life situation with a non-judgmental mental health professional
  • You might have particular reservations about the traditional and extended forms of psychotherapy

A single session is helpful at addressing problems like:

  • Finding work-life or school-life balance
  • Navigating college-related transitions (e.g. the transition to college, transition from college to the workplace or "real world", applying to graduate school)
  • Dealing with a break-up
  • Help strategizing a difficult converstaion
  • You can identify a relatively specific goal for your session
  • You have experienced a recent increase in anxiety that has left you wanting to learn more skills to cope with it
  • You have noticed a decrease in mood and want to speak with a mental health professional before it gets worse
  • You are experiencing academic concerns, stress about exams/finals/thesis/dissertation, or conflict with a professor

I specialize working with millennials and Gen Z'ers dealing with anxiety, stress, college-life matters, life transitions, cultural concerns (ex: acculturation, navigating challenges related to being first-generation), and self-esteem issues. I provide online single session therapy to individuals in Texas and Missouri.

How should I prepare for my online single session therapy?

Single sessions are done online through a secure HIPAA-compliant software platform, Zoom. A unique secure link will be sent to your preferred email prior to each session. All you need to engage in online therapy is a computer, smartphone, or tablet with audio and camera capabilities and a strong internet connection. It is also helpful to have an environment that is private and free from distractions. Headphones are really helpful!

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